Orijen Regional Red

    Orijen Regional Red Grain-Free Cat Food is about as close as it gets to a wild cat’s diet. It offers multiple protein sources mixed with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals that will give your cat a wholistic, biologically-appropriate diet. Orijen’s philosophy is to offer a “whole-prey diet,” meaning they leave in all of the meat, organs, cartilage, bones, and fats from their protein sources because that’s how nature intended cats to eat. Orijen’s ingredients are delivered to their facility fresh each day to ensure phenomenal quality that can’t be beat.

    As for Orijen Regional Red Grain-Free, this food features fresh Angus beef, wild boar, plains bison, Romney lamb, and Yorkshire pork, which are all raised on regional ranches and farms. In addition, the infusion of freeze-dried beef and lamb tripe and liver enhances the flavour, making this food even more delicious for picky eaters. It contains no grains, potatoes, or GMOs, so you can ensure you’re providing your cat with a delicious, protein-rich diet for your adult cat.

    • Made in Canada
    • Biologically appropriate formula
    • Grain-free & Low-Carb food
    • Regional sourced for all ingredients
    • Contains low-glycemic carbohydrates
    • 85% Ranch-raised Angus beef, wild boar, plains bison, romney lamb & Yorkshire pork
    • 15% Fresh and local fruits, vegetables & botanicals
    • Naturally pH Balanced for adult cats
    • Never frozen and no preservatives
    • Processed and sourced from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients
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